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At Parallel Driving School, we've earned a superb reputation for helping Altona locals to drive safely and with confidence – and to get their licenses, of course.

We're the local driving instructors in Altona, Altona Meadows and Altona North. You can rely on our professional team for friendly and professional lessons in a calm environment that's sure to get you the best results. We cater to students from all stages of life and driving skills. We provide both automatic and manual lessons, and we come to where you need us to be for the lesson to start.

Our driving lessons are structured around what you need. We'll focus specifically on the areas where improvement is needed. Our instructors many years of experience is helpful in the sense that they can pass on valuable tips and instructions for a fast improvement. We aim to turn you into a confident driver for life. We appreciate that for most people looking for driving lessons doing so to get them ready to pass their next test, and our lessons are constructed around ensuring that get all of the necessary skills and knowledge to do so. Our students have a 98% pass rate, so you’re in safe hands with Parallel Driving School.

For expert and affordable driving lessons in Altona, Altona Meadows, Altona North and any nearby area, phone Parallel Driving School now.

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    For expert driver training solutions in Altona, Altona Meadows and Altona North. We provide affordable lessons that are designed to give you all the knowledge you need behind the wheel. Phone Parallel Driving School now and schedule your next lesson.

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Driving is a lifelong skill that provides independence and greater access to the world. Driving safely and with confidence is an essential life skill, and it's one Parallel Driving School can help with. We've earned a reputation for producing confident and competent drivers. Our instructors provide lessons throughout the Altona area that are catered to our students needs, this approach ensures success. We'll see what areas you need to improve and focus on those areas as opposed to taking a one size fits all approach. Whether you need to polish your parking, changing lanes or checking your blind spots, our lessons will help you improve.

  • Identify Hazards
  • Check Mirrors
  • Check Blind Spots
  • Road Rules
  • Indicating Correctly
  • Changing Lanes
  • Merge Safely
  • Safe Driving Practices

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In Altona, Altona Meadows and Altona North, we're the local and reliable driving school that you can trust. We provide custom lessons that are catered to your specific needs a driver, this approach has been proven to work time and time again. Whether you're just starting out behind the wheel or you're looking to polish your skills before taking your test, our friendly, professional and experienced driving instructors will help you get the results you want.